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ELI5: How do CNNs and Capsule Networks identify objects?

I know that CNNs and Capsule Networks can both be used to identify objects in images. There’s applications in facial recognition, self driving cars etc Can someone give an ELI5 explanation for how both go about identifying objects? Do these systems use statistics? I know to identify objects, our visual system first learns by identifying […]

Will A.I. make you redundant in the workplace ?

Did you ever watch sci fi movies when you were young? The ones with storylines along the line of A.I. taking over and leaving us all poor and destitute? While fears of this actually happening may be growing, the chances are very slim. After combing through these concrete reasons why AI won’t be leaving you […]

ELI5: What are the differences in a biological neuron and an artificial neuron in an artificial neural network?

I am wondering what the differences are between the artificial neurons in a neural network and the neurons in our neocortex? They both fire at certain thresholds(action) potentials and are connected via synapses I know in biological neural networks, there’s a process called neurogenesis where new neurons are created and a process called neuroplasticity where […]

Book Recommendation?

Particularly looking for a book on the effectiveness of AI compared to humans. Thanks! submitted by /u/EvenNotOdd [link] [comments]