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Where you should drop Deep Learning in favor of Constraint Solvers

Constraint satisfaction can tackle a large number of problems in AI and other areas of computer science, from logistics and scheduling to temporal reasoning and graph problems. However, branding ahead of functionalities led to Deep Learning being overused in many artificial intelligence applications. Here is a short post explaining why and how constraint solvers can […]

Survey on perception of chatbots

Hey there! Do you have a few minutes to spare? I invite you to fill out this super quick research survey on People’s perception of Chatbots to get some insights on the way people interact with virtual & AI based bots. Each of your opinion is important to us. Please share this with your friends, […]

How Do I Build An AI Responder For eCommerce Stores?

Hi guys and gals! I am working on a project with a very experienced business team on building an AI-based responder plugin for eCommerce stores We have all business aspects covered, marketing, fundraising etc. but we need advice on how to build the product and where best to find a software/machine learning developer. Does anyone […]